Modint/SIM Supply chain information management: Due Diligence Database


Behind the scenes, SIM and Modint have been working together on creating the prototype of the Due Diligence Database.

SIM Supply Chain Information Management is a software tool which is widely used in the food and non-food industry. SIM has a proven track record in supporting companies to create a transparent supply chain. Modint and SIM have combined their expertise to fit the software for the apparel & textile industry.

We are very happy to invite you for the presentation of this prototype. The aim for this meeting is to give you a clear insight into the possibilities, feasibility and budget of this collective tool.


When: Tuesday March 5th, 13.00 – 16.00

Costs: free


13.00 – Introduction by Modint

13.15 – Presentation of the Due Diligence Database

14.15 – Coffee break

14.30 – Industry Expert - Dr Ir Leon Mol, Director Product Safety & Social Compliance, Ahold

15.00 – Interactive Session

15.45 – Round up


Modint, Anhemse Bovenweg 100, Zeist


Below you will find more detailed information about the project.

We look forward to seeing you. If you are attending, please by sending an email to


Modint/SIM Supply chain information management: Due Diligence Database initiative.


SIM is a supply chain management tool, that is being widely used in the food and non-food industry. SIM and Modint aim to team up with companies to develop a fashion specific Supply Chain Management Tool which supports companies in their due diligence practices.


Experts in the Fashion Industry have assisted in defining the need for information throughout the supply chain, which they face in their due diligence practises. This includes:


  • Reports for signatories of the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile
  • Insight in tasks for both clients and suppliers
  • Insight in objective evidence
  • Insight in Tier 1, tier 2 and further down the chain
  • Up to date and single source of truth
  • Questionnaires based on fashion industry specific standards
  • Support for certificates of consisting auditing initiatives (for example BSCI, BEPI, HIGG, Social Labour Convergence, Oekotex-100 etc)
  • Analysis / reporting


SIM Supply Chain Tool is a user friendly portal which allows supplier and customer to work together.


In SIM, the product DNA is captured and the supply chain mapped out. Each part of the supply chain will be accompanied with a set of questions which are customised per production country/region to help to conduct a risk analysis on social issues, environmental issues, quality and legislation.


The tool will cover :

  • A supplier database: map your suppliers that have been involved in creating your product, including Commercial, Technical, Social & Environmental performance
  • Product Specifications: to cover content, quality & safety testing and certifications linked to the suppliers involved
  • Business Intelligence: to analyse the data
  • Insight in compliance of the product and/or supplier


In SIM, information is organised through a Facility and Product structure. By using this structure, content, quality & safety performance, questionnaires, document uploads etc. are connected to the product by linking it to, for example, raw materials, processing procedures, as well as the production facility. The system facilitates self-assessment by suppliers, checks on suppliers self-assessment and checks on objective evidence by customer, supplier or external party (auditing reports, certificates, test reports). Suppliers will be asked to complete information in the system, based on legal and/or buyers requirements, which can be customised for high risk areas.  A dashboard is provided for monitoring statuses and the notification system assists you in following up tasks.


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