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April 17th, 2018: Modint Sustainable Materials Inspiration Day

As fashion & textile industry leaders, we now realize that we bear responsibility to prevent and reduce any adverse impact on people and the environment by our own operations in the supply chain.

The enormous amounts of water, energy and chemicals that are used in cultivation and further processing of fibres is nothing new. The challenge is to implement and embed a sustainable materials strategy in your company. In 2017 we published the Sustainable Material Guide to inform you about the (more) sustainable alternatives that are commercially available. Modint members as well as signatories of the Dutch Agreement of Garment & Textile use the guide to assess the environmental impact of their materials.

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Kaderopleiding Chemisch Technicus

Deze opleiding geeft inzicht in textiele substraten, de veredelingsprocessen en veredelingsmachines. Ook hun onderlinge samenhang komt aan bod.

Na afloop van de opleiding heeft de deelnemer kennis van bewerkingen van textiel en is in staat om te adviseren over procesverbetering en nieuwe ontwikkelingen.

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Module Productspecificaties, kwaliteitscontrole en testtechnieken

Deze module geeft inzicht in specificaties van producten, testmethoden en toepassingen ervan. Welke normen en kwaliteitscontroles daarbij gehanteerd worden en de ijking van de apparatuur komen ook aan de orde.

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